Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the classic:: love affair

every night, it takes me forever to settle down and sleep. so it's usually daniel's responsibility to talk to me and give me back rubs until i calm down and unwind a little. but on the nights that he can't stay awake past my bedtime (seriously dude!?! how unreasonable, right...) he keeps a bunch of movies in my ipod touch and tucks it next to my bed so i can watch quietly in the dark.

the choice of movie, like the choice of pillow talk, has to be carefully curated such that it's not too loud, it doesn't get me too scared or too inspired to wake up and start crafting. once in a while, he'll sneak in a couple of his all-time favorite movies. last night, mumbling in his sleep, he told me that i was watching one of his favorites.. that i might find familiar..one of the songs... but not really a focal of the movie.. and.. *drifts off..*

love affair, 1994

warren beatty and annette bening

i loved the classic feel to the story, no surprises, the mish-mash of all the romance elements, children, beautiful scenery, new york, katherine hepburn, fluttery snow on christmas, lovely songs... i was completely smitten. you can read more about the storyline here. and of course, i recognized the song which he made my christmas present a few years ago. (ah.. my husband, always full of surprises!)

i've a feeling that this will be a goodie in our family for a long time to come!! :)

what are your all-time favorite movies? 


  1. The Way We Were- I bawled my eyes out watching it! Robert Redford is the ultimate dreamboat :)

    Miss Lulu

  2. @Tricia

    im adding that to my bedtime movie selections! :)

    thanks babe!


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