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hello. im zhing and i love cotton candy, the smell of rain and everything ballet. im madly in love with my husband daniel. he loves boy gadgets, running and bubble tea. welcome to our little projects in love and in life! :)

we've been really lucky in our lives and have had the opportunity to live in a whole bunch of awesome cities. we moved to tokyo late last year for a new adventure and boy has it been one so far! we adopted our little puppy, musashi, and despite his doggie farts and hissy tantrums, we adore him to bits!!

i once was a wedding planner but am taking a short hiatus to learn more skills and explore the world a little bit more. i still have a soft spot for glamourous ceremonies, beautiful stationery, flowers and romance.

this blog was initially intended as a personal journal to my friends when i first moved to switzerland for grad school. but six years later, it has become so much more. it now documents things that i love, crafts, our travels, our family, our love story and endless things that make me laugh. and for that im very grateful.

i hope you enjoy visiting my blog and that somehow it inspires you to love your life, your family, crafting and photography a little more. 

if you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a comment or a note::



  1. you have such great style, a wonderfully interesting and colorful path in life, are wonderfully talented and you and the hubs are adorable (so is your furbaby)! very nice blog!!!!

  2. you have such great style, are incredibly talented and your path in life seems to be wonderfully interesting and colorful--so many great cities! love your blog!

  3. Zhing, if you haven't popped up at my place I would have never discovered your fantastic blog. I am just discovering it and having loads of fun!!

  4. Hi Zhing, popping over and must say that I've had a fantastic time reading your posts on Japan. Brings back fond memories of our lives there. Gotta catch up on your older posts on Switzerland for we're living in Geneva now. :)

  5. I found your blog via lady j and what a cute blog! love your style and colors and wow, in all those crafts and wedding decors!

  6. Hi, just found your blog and I like reading it! Love your craft things :)

    1. hi martini,

      thanks for reading! :) im slowly getting back into the craft world! took a long break when sorting out relocation and other little things! ;)

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog, it led me to looking yours up! Such a delight browsing through, and congrats on your new addition!!

  8. Hi Zhing,

    I'm new to your blog and I'm having loads of fun reading all your posts. I'm hoping to pick up some mothering tips from your blog :)

  9. Hi Zhing,

    I'm new to your blog and I'm having loads of fun reading all your posts! I'm hoping to pick up some mothering tips from your blog :)

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