Tuesday, December 13, 2016

thick as thieves!!

my view everyday as i type away on my computer! 

i love that this year was a non event for these two munchkins. at 7 (44 in human age) and 12 (64!!), i guess less new is better!! 

we just brought the two to the vet for their routine checks and to address some ongoing issues and both of them are great!!

musashi - old. 2.8 kg, his eyes are going so on daily eye drops to slow the process. also, he's moved to TCM (traditional chinese medicine) to remove to dampness from him. its hilarious as i type it cos obviously i do not take it seriously but its herbal, doesn't have any side effects and i guess worth a go! have not seen results just yet but will see!! his limpy legs are healed. also, he's on permanent heart meds to deal with his enlarged heart. he doesn't reject his meds so we are quite pleased! 

frankie - not as old, 2.7kg. is a chilled out dog and the vet suspects that perhaps he didn't get his voice box removed. might just be his personality. he got his first vaccination and will not be needing booster jabs. has really poor teeth but at the same time doesn't bother him when he's eating. might just let him go for a bit and let the teeth drop out! 

medically cleared for the year! stay strong muffins!! we are so in love with you two! can't have anything happen to either of you, ok? 

so 2017, here we come!! 


Friday, December 9, 2016

coming right back to you....

a little bit of our hearts will always be in hawaii. 

somehow even though we both grew up in different continents, our folks all loved hawaii. and introduced us to the island life throughout our childhood. 

and since we got married we've had nothing but beautiful memories in hawaii together too! hiking, exploring beaches and the very long drive we took to our honeymoon resort in maui. hung out with my brothers (1 schooling there, 1 visiting!) and had a fabulous time! 

we've been back once with B in the tummy! so this is his first official trip to hawaii! even though, my brother has pointed out that he looks a little like the locals!! hah!

super excited too because D is running the marathon, one of the ones he's had his eyes on for ages! and then we'll explore a new island with some dear friends! 

its going to be SO MUCH FUN! 
vacation game is on!!!

alooooooha! :)


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

our first kelong visit

when song was back in town, my MIL was also visiting so i thought it was the perfect chance to take everyone out for a bit of adventure! 

we didn't tell B where we were going or who we were meeting. i kinda do that as a habit. in case we rock up somewhere and something is closed. or someone falls ill last minute! its easier to change plans than to manage a disappointed toddler! so all we said was "adventure"!

and he put on his adventure hat!

got to the jetty and call mr tan, who i was liasing with, such a nice guy! he helped with meal selection and gave such detailed instructions!! we hopped onto the boat and drove us away from the jetty! look at their faces! so excited!!! 

sorry nora! didn't know you were keen to try the kelong and missed out! we can go again next time when you're back!! 

when we got there, i was too busy making sure our kid doesn't cheekily go for a dip in the water! but he had a blast. he made friends with the guy that worked there and was busy helping out spotting crabs and catching things. and when the dudes all went on a smoke break, found his on a boat with them (not the best situation) but i guess he had fun being the only baby balancing in the boat! 


the food was yums too! we had so much leftover we felt bad for auntie who spent time cooking!! 

would love to go back again with our friends! definitely one of the more fun family dinners! everyone had a little bit of exploring to do! and no one fell sick! 


the halloween shoot!

if you knew us in person, we wouldn't let a halloween pass without having a go at it. just for the record, we've read a lot of articles on facebook (really the butt of social media. or is social media the butt.. hmm i can't tell) and strong opinions of our own friends sharing why they don't believe in halloween and boycotting anything halloween related.

but to us, halloween is just a dress up opportunity. its for fun. just as santa claus is for fun. nothing more. we had a block party, all the kids came around and trick and treated for candy. it was so much fun and im happy for him to grow up with all that!! 

ok that was a mouthful. 

how do you hate an opportunity to craft a milk carton!? and some choc chip cookie hair bands? 

but THIS costume is even more spectacular!! so much effort and so much fun!! 
well done, R and S!!!

also, we stepped up on photo shoot efforts! notice the backdrop? we actually went into a studio!! *gasp* so professional!!!

our little gremlins picking up confetti after the shoot! kids are so silly! they love the smallest things!!! 

till next year, pumpkin!! 

hopefully you'll still let us make your costumes and shoot after!! 


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

a year of ballet - done!!

when we ask you if you'd like to continue next year....

its a resounding YES!!!

so i guess one more year of ballet it is! :)