Saturday, May 20, 2017

legoland malaysia

we took a small day trip to malaysia one weekend to celebrate a pal's birthday! cos she chose to go LEGOLAND.. who does that!!!

but only becuase we love her...


these kiddies were too excited! they got to ride the legoland bus from singapore flyer and the whole way they were chatting, snacking and bubbling with excitement.

life is alway better with pals, eh?

up to no good, these two!

then we spent most of the evening in traffic home. it took so long we didn't make it back for dinner and felt rather bad for B. so we asked him to pick anything he'd like... of course he went for maccas. and to his horror, his happy meal gift was a... BOOK! at this point after an entire day in the sun, way too long in a bus and too many hours after bedtime, i anticipated a massive meltdown. but he threw his head back in an exaggerated way and laughed "aren't i the unluckiest, mama? today is just not my day!! hahahahah!" and then went to read the book. 

kinda glad we didn't have to bring an inconsolable kid home that night cos that would have been a disappointing ending to such a busy and sweaty day out in the sun!!

conclusion - probably not legoland malaysia again. B decided he liked the one in windsor more. (but of course, my kid. sigh!)



these two pals are constantly fighting and making up.. its too exhausting to keep tabs these days! 

look at her cutie face though! 

tip : the sheen is from coconut oil. so legit and nicely moisturized after the shoot!! :)


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

cloud gate in singapore

what a nice week night treat to be taken to the theatre to watch dance! used to be one of my favorite troupes. even hunted their show down when we were in taiwan for a festival! :)

partner in crime. and then... we bumped into all the other partners in crime all at the foyer next to the bar!! just like old times! 

love me a weekday treat like that! 


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

that pink wall...

this shoot was a winner because... pink wall! according to the little miss! nevermind all the effort we put into costumes and lighting or props... one ratty pink wall was all we needed! 

im sure she didn't love the teaching from her buddy as much though! 


Monday, April 17, 2017

movenpick mactan island cebu

when we first booked movenpick mactan island, we were went by proximity! because we departed cebu in a morning flight, we didn't want to be rushing through traffic then board a plane to get home. so we booked in a couple nights at movenpick mactan island. 

and it was a change of environment. where we came from, moalboal, it was homey and diver-lodge and we jumped straight to white sand beaches, uniformed service and resort buffet meals. each had its  charm and it was nice to have tried both! 

our city kid jumped right into the swing of things and wanted to do it all. chocolate tasting, craft sessions, kids club, soak in tub, swim in lagoon, ride on banana boat! he's hilariously bought into the entire resort deal. and room service. he loved the idea of room service. 

sat down at the beach and was offered beach toys for the kiddies and menus for the adults. it was all very indulgent and awesome! 

we did pry ourselves to go to the city and have a bit of a change in food options (jollibean was bubba's choice of poison) and a spot of shopping at the outlet mall but not quite worth the effort, i reckon. i did enjoy poking our noses around the supermarkets though! 

chilling in the hotel lounge and getting served scoops of icecream - highlight of his trip! i love how easy to please these babies are! 

next time we will give shangrila a go! i heard their kids club was quite a spectacle!