Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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THIS. is our lesson of the year. 

in a bad combination of my "self-righteous over zealous everything has to be planned and perfect A type" personality and daniel's strong sense of justice, blake has got it bad. because he sees things in black and white, in absolute terms. and at five, isn't sophisticated enough to figure out the "grey areas" (not sure im sophisticated enough either). and of course, scored a healthy dose of my fire makes one fiesty, huffy puffy and emotional kid. 

and we've been teaching him that lesson over this year. repeatedly. 

and this morning, i realized that i might not have learnt it well myself. and there is certainly room for improvement in the year to come. i spend a lot of my time getting upset about small things (like people who don't freakin' do their jobs...) and big things (people who i truly care about and think highly of. then coming to terms that maybe they don't do right by themselves. very frustrating and sad). so next year, or rather starting now, i will remind myself what we tell our child everyday walking into class. 

do the right thing. for the right reasons. 
and the rest of the world will fall in place around us.
cos the only way to bring change is to BE the change.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

when you forget...

i've been a mom for five years. without much of a thought, it's really been a huge part of my identity and i no longer wake up and pinch myself that i actually am in charge of keeping someone alive. and i no longer wake up to cries and instead a house that can run on its own even without my presence. 

and i've since moved on to other things as well. a bit of work, a little bit of theme decorating around the house, a bit of working out, a lot of trip planning and loads of awesome friends. things are really starting to fall back into the "norm" again. gone are the days where all that consumed my thoughts were, how am i going to make it through the day. or... am i going to choose to put mascara on or rush to prep dinner. 

but in the midst of trying to "do it all", some how the role of a home-maker fell to the backseat. when we set out to put aside my full-time job (and first most love in my life!!) for the family, it was a conscious choice for one of us to shift our focus on the home. it was the obvious choice for the person to be me (and gladly so.) but as things get easier, dogs became dog, baby becomes a school going kinder kid, home is somewhat under control, physical shopping (and lugging things with baby in tow) became online shopping with delivery.. hahah. i've been able to run around town during the day fussing around with other nice priorities! very lucky, i know! 

but then when the occasional illness strike or we have relatives visiting. or something changes in our routine, im often annoyed that it interferes with my "routine", a ladies lunch that took forever to organize and "*huff puff* WHO will now step in cos i need to go for a shoot / meeting / something or other" or my craft errands. and that's such a shame, i've come to realize. 

and just the other day i was reminded by an article (which i cannot find now!! grrrr!) why im doing this in the first place - to create a home for these silly people. who deserve nothing but the best! and after a long day out, should be able to run home, find a cosy spot to snuggle, never mind if the laundry is perfectly squared or fluffed but at least somewhere to find their favorite comfort objects or be their comfort. and because they're boys... they don't care if there are (halloween)spiders on the wall or did we have a fall wreath BEFORE the christmas tree came up. or that their rainbow christmas tree concept is going to fail (i already know...) 

but they need to know that home is always home. and you come back at the end of the day to warm open arms. and for the little boy, you never settle in future until you find someone that gives you a home that's better than what you already have. 

mental note : also need to update their wardrobe. 

so perhaps this year end is for little reminders like that. to recalibrate and think about how to do things better next year. maybe give up a few less important things, let the laundry pile up a little and be there with open arms a bit more!! hope i can figure it out in 2018! :)


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

our little germany getaway

if you asked me anyday, germany would not be in the top 5 cities to visit. but daniel has a grand marathon plan and has been working on ticking things off one by one. and since this year's trip planning has been pretty relaxed on my part (i have not even snuck in a tokyo shopping trip!), i left it to him to plan germany out! 

all i wanted was a break and some time with him exploring. 

so exploring we did! 

we were pretty close to most things and did a fair bit of walking around!

we were lucky enough to have our dates coincide with oktoberfest so of course we had to pop in for a bit of festivities and massive beers. i once helped out in our resort theme park in oktoberfest weekend so i was keen to see how the real festival was like.. and it was the same! :) festival food, rides, loads of drunk but very happy people all weekend! loved the vibe but i can totally see why locals turn their noses up on the entire deal and almost anyone in their bavarian costumes were tourists!! 

had a lovely time planning our days filled with coffee breaks, shopping errands and took a nice long road trip that brought us to berlin where the race was. 

berlin was another thing all together! i did NOT expect myself to like the food in germany at all. i joked about having to hunt down asian food but truth is, i didn't have to hunt anything down! the selection of international restaurant was fabulous and so chilled we didn't have to pre-book anything! the quality of food was fabulous and all very easy! possibly due to its proximity to other european cities, we really had the best italian and french food in a while. and my gosh their hipster, health food scene was spectacular! 

i could get a healthy fix whenever i felt stuffed with meals that were too rich (my issue with german food..) and combine that with a healthy dose of shopping, it was a lovely balance. i actually think i might want to go back to berlin again! 

didn't see that many playgrounds though! which i guess would be the other deciding factor when traveling with blake! :) but the shopping was fabulous! we loved the lollies selection and came home all stocked up for birthday parties and halloween! like big kids! 

we traveled to germany with something on our minds though. not even sure we're at the tail end of it yet. but just before leaving, blake got bitten by a family dog. something we anticipated but had not ever happened to him till right till the weekend we left. so we were already online looking for last minute tickets to take him along. so the entire time, that was slightly worrying. now as i recap a trip that has passed almost two months ago, that issue is still quite pressing (and very disappointing) in our lives. but c'est la vie. always things to sort out in life, i guess. 

we'll see. 
hopefully something to be sorted by this year. 


Monday, November 27, 2017

how was your black friday?

this weekend was a bit of a doozy! we were rained out twice which foiled our beach plans and had a few errands to run before our christmas break. so when sunday night rolled by, we wondered if we couldve done more!!

but sitting here at my desk with a house clean and everyone feeling refreshed for a pretty no-fuss week ahead made me realize that in fact that was the kind of weekend we needed! 
(plus no complains here because i got in some online shopping done! waheyyy!!)


Friday, September 15, 2017

our forever honeymoon!

back when we first got married and sad that we were going back to work after our honeymoon, the ONLY way to undo the funk was to make promises that we would honeymoon every year we were married...

and so far we've been keeping up with it! :) one trip we abandon the kid, do not much, try not to talk about above mentioned kid much and just spend time together. 

a sneak peek of my date from my kayak!! :)

super excited to be heading to germany this weekend. i've never been to germany nor do i know very much but so far we've only got beer recommendations and a shopping list from our pals! and a ticket to run berlin marathon (so much for not doing much, eh?) that aside, we're going to have such a fabulous time!! 

will check in from germany again!! seeya later folks! 

also, happy birthday to my dear baby brother! i give you a gift of your nephew for TWO WEEKS! hahahaha!! love you! we'll celebrate when we return!