Monday, June 19, 2017

bigger than your head, bubs!

they weren't kidding when they said it would be bigger than your head, huh! 

love exploring the hood with my folks and blake after church!! 


Friday, June 16, 2017

recycled project - under the sea

worked on a little under the sea recycle project a while back! 

sadly not able to share much more images with you but these cuties will suffice, right?

sea urchins!

a few more mama turtles! blake stole a few of these for a counting game! such a cute idea! 

coffee cup corals! :) spent a weekend crafting away! so proud and glad i had a chance to work on it! sometimes, you just need a little break like this to refuel the soul. i know this project sure did!


Thursday, June 15, 2017


four is a beautiful age. you see little bits of personality shining through. but you feel like you're still able to mold it a little, change it a little and make a difference. i really enjoy quiet pockets of time with him these days. and feel like i have a little buddy for life. 

here are a few things i love about him! 

one - he's a sensitive soul. he's very in tuned with emotions and what people are feeling. recently D's been training for an upcoming marathon so when blake is awake, he finds me alone in bed. so he makes it a point to keep an ear out for the front door and will climb in to keep me company. its very cute. but one day, he thought long and hard and decided to give me marital advice - maybe we should sleep in the same bed more. poor darling thought that we were not sleeping together anymore! and was worried! such a silly bunny!

two - chatty. he talks non stop. he plays nicely on his own but makes up conversations between his toys and stories and is chatty chatty for hours!!

three - making an impression. he loves a little bit of humor. and would think of ways he can burst into class and make an impression. some days with a gift / treat for everyone, some days a dress up thing and sometimes a story. its cute to see how he plans the little surprises. 

four - adventurous. he's always game to try new things. go new places, try new classes, make friends and try food. he doesn't love everything but will give it a go nevertheless! i quite enjoy that about him.

ok little guy, you've been telling everyone you're 5 since you turn 2! almost there, buddy! we're so proud of your little compassionate soul and the joy you've brought to everyone's life. tone down the crazy energy, will ya? we're all ready for the big 5!! 


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

annual easter egg hunteroos

now that its become a thing, the kids look forward to easter all year round! 

our somewhat coordinated crew! 

baby bunny all grown up!! he was a real contender for eggs this year! maybe next time we'd need to reduce his handicap!!

these girls were so efficient!! we joked that they had the efficiency of sample sale shoppers! 

miss princess bunny and bunny bunny! 


mental note to self... rooftop pool is mad hot! never plan a brunch there! stick to evenings and sunsets. 

such big kids! last year of easter hunts next year!!! there is a cut off at some point right? when you grow too old for easter egg hunts? or is there not? im undecided! 


Monday, June 12, 2017

reminiscing easter (in june)

i often chuckle when i see when my last post is! these days, inspiration to pen anything down is rare. coincide that with empty pockets of time.. and that never happens! 

and as im writing my brain is whizzing a few months in advance, ordering halloween crafts, pre-ordering birthday cakes and travels all the way to christmas (and even then, i know im behind!)

i am however truly enjoying every day of this life i'm granted with. the friends i have to fill my afternoons, my work to keep me connected with the world, this child filled with so much joy and curiosity it keeps me up at night researching how to keep up. and the working out (and my unattainable weight goals) and the food that i cannot resist. and all the things i love love endlessly and keeps my heart full. 

so i guess not much to complain about here. 

except that im still sharing old pictures from easter. from two months ago! that i've forgotten until i see these pictures. but good times good times! :)