Monday, January 22, 2018

a recap of perth

just over December, we were in Perth to see family and attend our cousin's wedding! had the most wonderful weather and easiest time traveling around! we arranged to have our own wheels this time and stayed in our own airbnb for a bit more space and had a good balance of alone time & family. 

super important tip we've picked up over the years.

our little explorer on the go!

we set base in prevally near margaret river and started everyday with the beach. and this crazy blueness. basically took things easy and lazed around a lot! margaret river is super family friendly, loads to explore and do. we didn't feel like we were bored in the five days we spent there. and definitely put on a lot of weight! 

basically loads of playground time, hunting down yummy produce and long naps!! a lot more chilled out than our regular city holidays.

on drive back to perth, we stopped for some fresh produce (cherry season and cold pressed juice galore) and for old times sake, by D's grandpa's place in busselton! 

is this not the most beautiful jetty ever? immediately quizzed D why we even bothered with maldives!! we changed into swimmers and jumped in and extended our short pit stop into a little picnic and afternoon dip in the water! 

i guess we will be adding the busselton ironman to our bucket list! ;) more work for D! more fun for us.

perth was perth. we hit up our regular stores to stock up on basics, did a bit of research and found kings park playground (by rio tinto) which was super cool! very well managed and loads of fun. they have little play areas, loads of shade and little activities for kids to explore. 

B is digging up rocks to make his own dam in the river! not meant to get wet (not a swimming opportunty) but we all know how that ended up, eh? 

and of course with massive climbing structures! he had such a brilliant time it was hard to get him to move on! 

loads of fun at the wedding but only a few pictures of these boys when they weren't on the dancefloor!

also kick started a short solo getaway for blake! he flew to melbourne from perth to spend a few days with his amma before flying home to us. such a big boy now. he didn't even miss us and each time we wanted to skype he was either too busy or exhausted (code for : tv time). equal part heart breaking and comforting, i guess.



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