Friday, January 26, 2018

turning five ...

in singapore, we start early. 

when you turn five, suddenly school up steps up a few notches, you start having more homework to deal with, math, mandarin, you need a little study desk to scribble on, you have spelling lists to tackle on weekends and reading lists to work on. on one hand a little heartbreaking that the cruise-y years are over and it means more work for us parents. also begs the question if its at all necessary to make these little five year olds work on so many skills at one go? 

but that said, what we thought were ridiculous asks at the start of the year, somehow became possible. our crazy hyperactive little guy is capable of practicing writing on his own. somehow can score decently (by my standards) on his tests and is occasionally found "working on his writing" just so he does better. who knew? 

maybe a little bit of pressure is what everyone needs to grow up a little, eh? 



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