Monday, June 13, 2011

let's talk about book covers

after living in japan, you realized that its always about how you look. 

if you're headed out for a run, you should be in the "sporty look". there is a special "date look" and of course an "office-lady look".  im still learning that its not ok to wear "home look" out to run errands. and if you try to sneak in a "semi-date look" into your office wardrobe, eyebrows will be raised. oh! and even in the middle of a sweltering hot afternoon, no one in japan has the "sweaty look"! 


in the supermarket, things are judged by how they look. the price of fruits and vegetables are determined by their origin, quality and more importantly, how they look! 

so, i found these displayed next to their obviously superior cousin (individually wrapped, exquisitely boxed and all in that perfect shade of red, shaped perfectly like hearts, 170 yen each berry). these poor little end-of-season strawberries were obviously imperfect, some varied shades of red and came tumbling out in various shapes and sizes. and i felt sorry for them. so i brought them home cut them up and guess what, just as juicy and delicious as the other berries i had this season. 

i guess looks ain't everything...

so this is my roundabout way to announce that this week on, im going to start wearing my fancy peep-toes and black fish-nets to work. like it or not! ;)


  1. haha... like that part on the 'sweaty look' :)

  2. I interned in Japan many many years ago and didn't realise that Summer didn't officially start till June, no matter the weather.l didn't know that I wasn't allowed to wear the short-sleeved version of my uniform till much later.

  3. @kennytricia

    its true. im always the ONLY one looking all flustered, sweaty with my hair bunned up. everyone else looks like they walked right out of a magazine! *sigh*

  4. @fernoftheforest79

    its so darn silly! at least in singapore they switch on the a/c!! this year the internal temperature is set at 28 degrees with no movement of air...


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