Thursday, January 8, 2009

usa 2008: chrissy in virginia..

only my second christmas in virginia but also the second one spent with lorreine! she is such an excellent host, we couldn't have asked for anything more.. oh actually, it would have been nice if gigi shared it with us too! :) oh well..

the first thing we did on christmas eve morning was to go for classic southern breakfast at Cracker Barrel which is the BEST place to have breakfast!! firstly, they have yummy breakfasts that are always deliciously hot with plenty of options for everyone! and the place is always brimming with customers and filled with fun candy and toys! makes the place so warm and festive..  

we kept telling daniel "you have to get the sunrise sampler" "but the blueberry pancakes are to die for" "oh! the hashers casserole is their specialty" poor guy had so many options!!! while both of us settled for our regular breakfast set. classic.hah!

a very happy and well fed daniel...

baby bear chair and mama bear chair! :)

our christmas tree filled with ballerinas, little artwork by gigi and twinkle lights..

under the sparkley tree, a little blue box for gigi..

upon daniel's request - christmas ham..

the amazingly beautiful sandra approving!

at the christmas dinner!!

soon enough, it was christmas morning and the one most exciting thing about christmas is PRESENTS!!!!

lorreine loved her silk woven scarf and wireless router we got her. daniel loved her presents too because it meant that he got permission to spend the rest of christmas day mucking with with tech-y stuff and fixing up her computer.

and mine was...

a lovely card and a CD!

right after lorreine heard that it was a CD of all my favorite tunes, she thought 'oh, how boring..' and started fixing us our breakfast! i started playing the cd. then she popped her head out from the kitchen disbelievingly at the first song (Jason Mraz's "Im Yours") and went "OMG who is singing that song?" and both of us went.. "daniel is.." and her eyes widened, "wow! impressive! and you play the guitar too?" haha.. then we got to the next few songs with piano accompaniment and she emerged from baking buttermilk biscuits "IS THAT YOU??" both of us thought it was amusing!! but of course its daniel!! then when we got to rainbow connection's violin parts, she came out holding the scambled egg-ed spatula "SERIOUSLY, did you play the violin too??" and bemused, our response "yeah.." then we got to the part when there was harmonizing and double violin parts then she threw the towel in exasperation, "enough. im going to tell mikey that zhing got the best christmas present ever!" haha... both of us were so proud and so glad. and yes, i did get the best christmas present!!

the boys in daniel's office are telling their girlfriends that daniel got me a toaster!! and now mikey has to get this recording software so he can record his own tunes. to that, he said "thanks a lot, daniel!" grudgingly.. 

we had lovely scrambled eggs and ham biscuit with HAWT SAUCE!

and for the rest of our stay, we shopped till the cows came home! the outlets were amazing and we filled our trunk to the brim with shopping!!

a visit to virginia is not complete without fajitas from chilli's!!
lorreine & stef at dinner camwhoring..

the absolute bestest steak & portobello fajita (looks like crap here..) but i would move to the states if i could eat this regularly.. i cant even begin to describe and this only costs $10.99! blah.. i miss you already!!

and while daniel was inhaling his ginormous american bacon burger, us girls jumped from "its a baby!!" to the latest youtube videos, work gossip, boyfriends/husbands/fiances and cursing babies. hilarious!! and we took daniel on his virgin visit to ghetto shopping at walmart! and bought christmas lights for $2.50!!!! and we all came home with our stomach aching from all the giggling..

ahh!! good times! :)


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