Wednesday, June 15, 2011

eats:: itsy bitsy burgers

me and my girlies decided a few weeks ago to have a picnic in the park to enjoy a little sunshine before summer hits. so each of us brought part of the meal. my girlfriend who took charge of the meal completely outdid herself with lovely platters of caprese salad, bacon-wrapped asparagus and these amazing teeny weeny sliders! 

in case you are wondering, sliders are just mini burgers! and boy were they yummy!! :) she shared the recipe and i made some on monday!!

aren't they cutie patooties!?
i served them with a summer tomato salad and a japanese-style potato salad.

the boy gave two thumbs up for overall but the bun needs more work. this was the best i could find - little butter rolls and they were a little sweet. so it was an odd combination! maybe ciabatta or kaiser rolls next time! :)

best thing about sliders is they're so teeny tiny you don't feel like you're eating too much! 
never mind that i polished all three of them!! 



  1. lookin' good..

    That heart toothpick reminds me of a whole set of toothpicks i bought in tokyu hands with a papa duck, mama duck and 3 little ducklings on top of the toothpick!

    K was like wth cares whats on top of the toothpick! They could accidentally throw it away! Men :)

  2. You're making me hungry again... :P And I just had brekkie. Haha.

  3. @kennytricia

    hahhaa!!! :) i hear you! :) these little heart toothpicks come with matching sauce holders, soy-sauce squirters and a whole bunch of cuties.. :)

  4. @anniestar

    haha!! im hungry each time i look at the pictures too! :)

    wish there wasn't the oily mess to clean after though!!


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