Monday, January 22, 2018

B's Fifth Bash - GoldFishies

when they reach a certain age, you start losing control of so many things! if you'd asked me, i would have much preferred a more chic theme. or a less sugared cake, but of course, the kid had many opinions.. and wanted to be part of the decision making process. 


inspired by a japanese carnival game he was obsessed with, he wanted to bring the game, a pool of water and these ridiculously hard to source blinky fishes to his pals in school. 

see those floaty ones? imported from japan!! not too many pictures of his mates having a blast (because, school uniform..) but they had a lovely time and we really appreciate what great kids they are! we anticipated dramatic meltdowns from five year olds fighting over fishies but nope, they were as well behaved and supportive as they could be! 

i've come round to these jelly fishes and don't mind them as much now!!

a little backdrop in his classroom which stayed up for a week after the party was over. he loved having us around and is already planning his next birthday party!!

im glad i have another 9 months to convince him not to go down the transformer route!! 

happy birthday B! hope you had a great time!



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