Tuesday, January 9, 2018

let's have a chat about money...

we started blake on pocket money! over christmas, i've noticed a general sense of indulgence and never-ending treats and gifts (as you might expect over the holidays of course. and part of the fun) but thought it would be a nice time to introduce some concept of value so we don't have last minute panic moments when he starts school and has not clue what to do with money! 

so over christmas, one of his gift is (an ugly but very 5 year old looking) wallet. with a promise of $5 bucks each week. initially thought to peg it to housechores and some sort of incentive but he's already doing his chores quite consistently so might just leave it for the moment! 

NOT the kind of wallet he got, obviously! 

he's very cute with his wallet. and has a boinky strap to it and insists on clipping it to his pants (very dorky move, child) and sticks it next to his shoe cabinet cos that's where his papa keeps his wallet too! hasn't spent a cent since but he extra excited when he finds spare change lying around. ah well! 

he talked about buying us a staycation so we can go have fun. but died a little when he found out how much hotel rooms cost. (just SLIGHT above his $5 budget...) so he will keep saving till forever, i guess!

it all has to start somewhere, right? 



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