Monday, December 7, 2015

our littlest :: the day he turned three

D reminded me the other day that technically, blakie isn't our littlest! we have muu having at 3kg and then there's frankie at 2.3 kg! madness how little our dogs are! anyway, blake will always be littlest in age and in maturity *sad laugh*.

the day he turned three, we took him for a whole day of fun at universal studio singapore! a while back, we went for a playdate there and discovered the world of theme parks and bought a season pass! there was no turning back after that!!

so when we asked him where he'd like to spend the day, he said universal studios! and his grandparents (my folks) gamely agreed to come along. mind you, the last time they were in a theme park was when i was 11 in disneyland!! but they are so much fun! and so accommodating!!

then we met up with my brother for proper dinner (theme park food makes me super happy but eventually ill in the tummy!) and he bought blake an icecream "cake" to celebrate! and we were up opening present until all hours. #sugaredup

happy birthday, little guy! you are so so loved by your family! 



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