Thursday, December 3, 2015

our littlest :: bring your kid to work day!

if I had to pick a kid to bring to work... i would pick frankie, muu and then everything else before i get to blake. in that order. haha!

but guess who is the brave soul? 

D's office organized a "bring your kid to work" day and he volunteered to bring this little guy in. they were dressed in checked shirts and all serious looking. and the office had organized a fabulous little party for the kids while the parents worked. there was a movie, magic show, some presentation and a massive party complete with pizza and goodie bags. 

BUT this guy chose to hang out with his papa and eat his lunch bento instead!!

don't they look like they had a fabulous time? 

p.s. i did too! i got to yoga and hang out with the girls for lunch! yay! best day ever!!



  1. I remember bring blake to work day! Wanna bring him and all the other boys to my work!!! :D xxx


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