Tuesday, December 8, 2015

and then there was new york...

i'm saving my new york memories for the lastest! because i had the best time! was apprehensive to visit new york with blake because ...

1. he doesn't appreciate the good stuff yet! 
2. i wanted new york (and daniel) all to myself! 

and boy was that a good decision!! there was time to walk and chat and hold hands and explore. and spend stupid amount of time browsing and looking at people and art and catching up with friends.. all everyday things that people get to do BEFORE YOU HAVE KIDS! be warned, my friends. its irreversible! i only found myself really slowing down a little and then.. SHAZAM time to come home! 

it was so good while it lasted! and we made a few new discoveries, and appreciated the path we were on a bit more and made a few other minor life decisions! so so grateful for new york, the lovely weather and our friends that provided the perfect backdrop to our little adventure! 

so in love with the city! i can't wait to come back again!! 



  1. Is there a secret meaning to all the pink pictures? ;)

    1. HAHAHAH no! except that i miss being surrounded by pink!! too many boys around me!!!

  2. I LOVED having you here! PLEASE COME BACK SOON!


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