Monday, November 30, 2015

naptime musings...

over night, blake morphed into this little bedtime cuddler. 

i can't remember when it started happening but he started waking up to climb into our bed! we made it pretty clear he wasn't welcomed and would walk him back. then we started finding him in all sorts of places. at the foot of our bed (where muu's bed is), a little further from muu's bed (on the hardwood floor), a little further still (in the hallway), a little further still (on the hardwood floor but behind his door). its bizarre! how can anyone want to cuddle so badly he ends up on cold hard floor?

anyway, we were all taking an afternoon snooze, with blake plastered onto me (never his dad. always me...) and he must have woken up first because i wake up to this sweet little voice in my ear "mama, i love the smell of your back when you're sleeping." 

CREEPERS! one of the weirdest thing any guy has said to me. and arguably sweet i guess! haha!
what a funny little boy!


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  1. Gotta save this story to tell his future girlfriend! Haha.. :)


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