Friday, November 27, 2015

halloween 2015

we weren't in town to celebrate halloween with the kiddies!
(cos we were partying it up in west village with REAL halloweeeners!!!but let's pretend we were sad...) 

so prior to leaving for NYC, i made sure i had all of blake's costume and trick/treat bags laid out in order! he had three parties to attend and a costume for each of them!!

but THIS was my pièce de résistance! 

it really didn't take too long and cost less than $20 in art supplies (could've been cheaper if i went dumpster diving for a cardboard box but i got lazy!) but it was hilarious!!

also made him a felt soda can (if you read mandarin, the last two characters are his chinese name) but he didn't get it because... OOPS he doesn't drink soda yet!

he had a fabulous time and now whenever he plays dress up, he wants to play pretend halloween! hoping this is not the last year i get to pick his costume!! 

p.s. craft mojo back for the night. then the mess scared it back into hibernation! lol 


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  1. Hi Zhing

    This is seriously the BEST COSTUME ever!!! You're so talented and Blake is so blessed to have a mum like you :)

    Have an awesome day ahead!



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