Tuesday, December 1, 2015

and then there was five....

i don't believe i've not written about frankieboo!! 

"pleased to e-meet you!!!"

our newest addition to the "A" team! super excited to have him with us and he came to us as unexpected as out other kiddies! but just as love as everyone else.

we first got to know about frankie (refuse to acknowledge his last name cos its that bad!) through our cleaner. she talked to muu's godma, T, about this little yorkie who has been caged his whole life, debarked and just unloved overall. and thought perhaps T could take him in. but they were expecting a new puppy so they'd ask if we would (even though we had our hands full). little did they know, this was D's breed of dog. he always had a soft spot for yorkies because they have such a smiley face (see above for example). we said yes immediately but the owners were a bit flakey. and copped out last minute, leaving me a little broken hearted. but daniel had told me that it was not meant to be and that our baby will come to us if its meant to be. very wise, this husband!

then a few months passed and we completely forgot about the whole deal. until my birthday morning, we got a message from the cleaner saying to come get the dog that very night if we wanted to. oh boy did we want him. but didn't want to get our hopes up. so canceled my birthday dinner, ate the quickest meal possible and got another flakey message to cancel. but i insisted. i said we would wait until she got back from work. because we wanted to take him home. 

mind you, this whole time we have not met him, seen any pictures or know anything about his medical condition. but from the second we saw his little silhouette, he was ours. we got him sorted medically and are slowly getting him into the routine. he's got some habits that are hard to kick but he's making remarkable progress and is one of the sweetest souls. he's great with musashi and both of the other two boys don't mind having him around!! 

and it's officially a sausage sizzle at home. yay! welcome home, frankie! we love you plenty!!


  1. Aww great job! Frankie is so blessed to have your family :)
    We are also a family of 2 dogs (a cairn and a shih tzu) and a little boy. It's a lot of work(mostly from the little boy but it's worth it ! :)

  2. His story is heartbreaking.. how do you debark a dog? :(


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