Thursday, August 20, 2015

blake :: swimming as a toddler

i look back fondly at our baby swimming classes together. because of the novelty of it all and the effort i made to make it happen! remember how little he was? he started when he couldn't even walk!

well, what happened in between was that he fell ill for way too long and was on the nebulizer (we have a family history of asthma) and so back then, our doctor had suggested that he took a break from swimming. which as with most thing... meant that he would regress. and at his worst, he would play around the water but be hesitant to get in. not to mention dip his face in the pool or attempt underwater dives. 


anyway, we got started again! and this time, we found a class a lot closer to home. and with a pal that he and i both love and with a coach that is the right mix of fun and strict. and it took only 4 classes to break him. now he's reformed and is back at swimming with occasional arm strokes, kicky legs and A LOT of talking. there is a lot of commotion happening at swim class and a lot of laughing. i reckon its a sign that they can swim harder, don't you think? 

and the best part is, he requests to go swimming to practice his strokes so he can make his swim coach proud. 

i don't regret starting baby swim classes that young because it served a different purpose. it gave us something to look forward to, promoted water confidence and we always enjoyed post swim catch ups! and made friends along the way. but truth be told, from an actual swimming perspective, it only worked better for us when he could properly understand what to do with arms and instructions could be yelled from poolside. 

just keep swimming buddy! hope you learn to enjoy the pool just like your granddad!! 
we'll show off some "real" swimming skills this christmas to all his pro-team swim folks, yeah!? 



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