Monday, August 17, 2015

our weekend...

just came out of a really nice and leisurely weekend with the family! nothing fancy just everyday errands together! 

mum read about the emerging coffee culture in singapore and had featured chye seng huat hardware we have not been back in a while so thought why not!!

we had such a lovely time and really enjoyed their outdoor seating area away keeping our little guy away from trouble! when actually, he was more keen to muck around with the ants and check out cactus! (very random!) and D had the most hipster breakfast - truffle popcorn!!

then we trekked around the corner to jalan besar swimming pool which our friend once mentioned had a little play area and got tickets for the whole family under $5! (gotta love singapore and their public pools!!) blake had such a great time and even sploshed around in the big pool to show off to dad and amma his newly acquired swimming skills!! 

i have a feeling this might be our new norm! :)



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