Friday, August 21, 2015

my sweet peach

working on a few things at a moment and keeping the (always massively busy) toddler routine going is always a juggle. all it takes is someone to throw another ball into the mix to get me all flustered! 

very recently, D caught a bout of stomach flu. oh! i should probably mention that he's been training in the insane hours of the morning (like half marathons before the bubba rouses) and whenever he steps up on the training, i get edgy about his health. but back to the stomach bug. when he first caught it, i was convinced it was something serious. and went mental on him. so poor guy came back crawling from work with a massive headache and nausea only to find his crazy wife ranting on and on about his health and excessive exercise and brain tumors... yeah.. i went there. then i bolted from the house because that was the only way i could deal with it and was frantically googling EVERY terminal illness that has symptoms of headache and nausea. (do not ever do that.)

after an frantic afternoon of errands, which might i add was very productive cos i work better under stress... it was inconclusive but i felt a lot better because i devised a crackhead plan of what will happen when he is so darn ill. (meanwhile, he was resting with honey lemon and taking work calls still!) THEN the best thing happened. i fell ill that evening with the exact same symptoms. and you have never seen a happier sick and vomity person. i was so happy i swear it was like receiving a birthday present. 

ANYWAY.. what a nutcase. im still making him go for his full body checkup next week. the things he deals with!! but yay! i got a stomach bug! 

wow! that totally drifted off topic didn't it! :) 

now that we know what a nutcase i am, i feel like we can talk about real things!! like what im looking forward to this fall. we are heading to nyc (yay!) and to top things off, popping down to the peach state - georgia! poking our noses around savannah and then swinging by to atlanta to see the queen of hospitality, jen and hanging out with her!! i can't even decide which bit im most excited about!

and wanna hear the best bit? best best bit? we are leaving bubs at home!! can someone say ...

im beyond excited at the time we'll have with each other and the things we will get up to. looking forward to catching up with our friends proper! the last time we were back, it was 5 years ago! 

so, don't fall sick little duck!! hang in there!! it's going to be so much fun!
(sorry blake. maybe next time! lol) 



  1. Haha so silly! Hope u both are well recovered! x

  2. Ahahahaha, you're so silly, hon!!! Hope you both feel better soon! x


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