Wednesday, July 8, 2015

playgrounds in copenhagen :: brumleby playground

can i stay by raving about how amaaaazing the playgrounds in copenhagen are. just that and the bike paths is enough reason to move there! i also heard that work life balance is awesome so turns out... copenhagen is the place to be!! 

we found the brumleby playground snug in the brumleby neighborhood which looks exactly like the quaint little playground. the quarters it's set in is the cutest too! little townhouses with quaint little gardens spilling into each other. we spotted the most gorgous wisteria and swing set and from the way its laid out and the notices on the board, they seem like a lovely community. but it also made us feel like we were illegally trespassing someone' private property! well, someone obviously didn't care!

there were whimsical little slides on hills, swings and this lovely tower to climb through. we were there in the early afternoon but it was pleasantly cool because of the trees surrounding the playground. a few kids came out to play but we pretty much had the entire place to ourselves for most parts!

a definite must-visit and the community is so lucky to have such a cool playground nestled in its vicinity!! we'd love to be able to send blake out to run around with the neighbors' kids while we set up a little grill in our backyard, throw on our dinner and share a drink! 

gahh! :) life goals right there!!



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