Tuesday, July 7, 2015

when in copenhagen...

you just gotta do what the locals do! hop on a bike and explore the city! we would have strapped blake into a regular child seat (which we eventually bought as a souvenir from denmark for blake) but didn't have a helmet and seeing as we would be on the roads, we thought it would be cuter to rent one of these family bikes!!

seriously how do you say no to a beauty like that, right!? it had two little seats with safety belts for two little guys and a super cosy interior!

as demonstrated by the little guy here. i didn't ride it because it was a wee bit tall for me but D seem to navigate it well and their bike path system is spectacular. i wouldn't have wanted to explore the city in other ways! and because we did, we were able to get into the suburbs and find all cafe and the playgrounds we bookmarked to check out!! 



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