Friday, July 10, 2015

more on playgrounds...

im not sure i have a name for this gorgeous playground we loved! mostly because its not one of the "famous" ones but just one that our airbnb (btw have we raved about it... it was the best thing!!) apartment owner recommended and he has 3 kids and this was across the road from us. thing is.. 

tucked in behind the tall walls (see first picture above), you wouldn't suspect that its there because its right off a major street! but serene and happy and always filled with happy kids climbing everywhere! playgrounds aren't just for the young kiddies! you could see parents hanging off the spider webs and D had a go on the flying fox too!

from the way the kids were dressed, you could tell that they are equipped for much colder weather and some moms at the playground told me that they play all through winter. bundle them up proper and they hit the playground rain or shine and even when it snows! we had a fabulous time with blake here and mind you, the slides were proper sized not wussy little kiddy ones! i actually got a little freaked out coming down the parrot! 

lucky lucky kiddos to be able to grow up surrounded by such gorgeous playgrounds and schools putting such a huge emphasis on play! 

p.s. the next few posts on copenhagen is mostly on playgrounds so feel free to skip if that's not your thang. we took it easy in copenhagen, rode our bikes, hit up a few of our favorite cafes and only whisked out the camera when we had our hands free - ie playground time! :) 



  1. He looks like a forensic scientist here!!! LOL -Aunty Trina

    1. haha! he does! ;) i figured better a forensic scientist than the other crazy colors and options we had!! hahahah


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