Wednesday, June 17, 2015

London Transport Museum

boys... such predictable creatures! blake is all about his vehicles from a very young age, he's naturally been drawn to things with wheels and more specifically wheels with loud noises - ambulances, fire trucks, trains. it is dead clear that things with wheels is his love language. so when we had a weekend in london to kill. we knew that we had to spend some time at the london transport museum. 

we'd thought to catch a red bus there to complete the experience but completely forgot and took a long walk early morning instead! 

good thing there were no short of buses to explore that morning!

thought it was great that the tickets allowed kids entry for the entire year so it would be such a nice rainy day activity for londoners! we kept our tickets just in case we go back within the year! you never know!! :)

blake spent a long time fixing a faulty train with other kids. and just as we were about it leave... he found yet another awesome corner of boats and cabs and other corners to climb into. to leisurely cover the entire area, it would take an entire day! 

trains and such with his little friends!! loved the london specific attractions and was hoping to pick some up for his train set at home!! 

then off to the area for some lobster!! where bubba tried, loved and inhaled his first ever entire lobster roll. the servers were rather amused by how hungry he was!! ah it's the good life, my lucky ducky!



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