Tuesday, June 9, 2015

UK :: peppa pig world

our trip to the UK was very timely because blake is at the height of his peppa pig craze (or at least i hope this is the height...) and there we were surround by peppa everywhere we went. she was in bookstores, restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets.... everywhere!

but we knew it would never be complete without a visit to peppa pig world at paulton. lucky for us, it was in our side of the world so it made an easy morning drive and we didn't tell him where we were headed so his face was pretty glum until we started entering the grounds into the carpark when he started shrieking! it was the happiest sounds ever!

not quite knowing how his first theme park experience would go, paulton was perfect because other than peppa pig world (which was obviously the highlight for most kids), there were other playgrounds and more adult friendly rides! so that was something to look forward to after we were done with peppa!

but yep. he was such a happy camper! not quite sure we grasped the concept of having to wait for our turn in the long lines but we survived. we arrived slightly earlier than the crowds so were able to get on a few rides without massive lines!

he was majorly stoked to see all his favorite characters in real life. and ride on grandpa pig's boat, cars and trains and hot air balloons. we were floored by the merchandising and how well themed this entire series is! 

he was really the happiest boy that day! 

invited to peppa's home for a breakfast of pancakes! 
(p.s. am i the only one that thinks daddy pig looks creepy!?)

ah! totally made his morning and he couldn't stop talking about it for days! by the time we left, my ears were ringing from screaming kids, sugared up meltdowns and that dang ole theme song they won't stop playing!! 

we'd thought that after all that peppa-piggyness he would be ready for nap so we could go on some rides. but he held tight! and wanted to join us! this is his first rollercoaster ride! very brave before we started but look at his FACE! wahahaha...

and an outdoor trampoline park and bouncy castle area in a quieter side of paulton! 

welcome to the wonderful world of theme parks, buddy! 
we'd be very sure to introduce it to you in small doses. 



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