Monday, June 29, 2015

our littlest :: PTA in school

oh hello!

it's been a long while and i've been buried in work, blake and all that everyday life brings. just to put things in perspective, we could edit our pictures the day of. and since we've been back, we are still processing copenhagen vacation pictures and have hardly touched out cameras. i think something is really wrong... and something's gotta change. 

we just had a PTA with bubba's teachers and love how serious they are about his "academic process". *sniggers* i mean, he is really still two year old and has problems containing his excitement when he see a nice car, ice cream or a cute dog. i do feel like it is a tad bit young to discuss academic achievements. 

but his adorable teachers put on their serious face, sat us down, and gave us two powerpoint presentations of his progress (in different languages) and a run down of his developmental milestones. in summary, he's a regular active boy, hits his milestones, motivated by food and is very articulate (ie chatty). he is picking up his languages beautifully, not ready for writing but we need to work on his interest in mandarin language. depending on his mood, he will have an entire conversation translating his answers into english. (effectively bilingual, tick!)

we had a chat with his japanese teacher too. and that was the icing on the cake. he recognizes certain japanese characters in everyday things, is bossy in class (tells his friend "follow akemi-sensei!"), tries to keep up with the activities and basically is a ball in class... but japanese skills not up to scratch!! the japanese review had all of us, including sensei in tears! oh well, bubba! at least you're having fun! 

so that rounds up an entire year in school, my love!! we're so proud of you and if nothing else, you have such a rad bunch of friends to grow up with! 



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