Tuesday, May 19, 2015

in paris :: jardin du luxembourg

one of the highlights of our trips that i had earmarked from hearing one too many people tell me it's a must-do with kids is jardin du luxembourg!

the kids had a lovely time in the playground (or as our hosts secret-coded it "PG". by the end of the trip, the kids started calling it "PG" as well)!

B's into flying foxes since we've been in the UK! this one was epic! i would have loved to have a go at it! 

with their lovely papas!!

the playground broken down by age groups! was a lovely idea with age appropriate climbing obstacles!! 

bustling with activity! i reckon we could have spent a much longer time here! except we were hoping to get these kiddos on the pony rides!!!

luli the pro and our silly guy swimming in his helmet!

he had such a lovely first pony ride! such a spoilt little fella!! it doesn't get much more classic than jardin du luxembourg, y'know!?

beautiful afternoon to be out after a huge rain! everyone was out and pulled chairs in all direction to soak in the sunshine!!

we ran around with stick a bit more in the garden to work off some energy! 

and looked at the photo exhibit surrounding the garden on our way out! they change monthly!! such a lovely effort!!

and wandered around the gorgeous parisien streets a little bit more as we found a weekend market and picked up a lovely picnic for dinner.

the sun setting at close to 9pm! not great for kiddy bedtime but you're only in paris for that many days, eh!? 

wished we had more time with our friends! to see more of how they live, what made paris work as a city and see the city a little more thoroughly, understand the little quirks a little more intimately! but c'est la vie! just means we have to come back! 



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