Wednesday, May 20, 2015

every evening...

... we have the most darling conversations at bedtime. bath and bedtime has always been taken care of by daniel. he would always try to rush home in time to catch that pocket of time with bubbaboo. he is much better at unwinding and i can hear them chat debrief about the day that just passed.

recently, we started arguing "i love you more." "no! I love you MORE!" "i love you more the most!" "i love you first!" "no, mama i love you first." and such! all sweet nothings but it puts a smile to my face. and always resets all the cheekiness or frustration that has accumulated in the day and ends with a mountain of kisses before the end of day.

tonight, it occurred to me that there will be many things in life he would be much better than we are in life. but this i would always have the upper hand. i will always love him more. and have loved him first and when he wakes up the next morning, i will always love him even more than before.




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