Monday, May 18, 2015

in paris :: all the classics!

i've come to realize that most of my pictures were from one day! had to be broken down into parts because we covered so many places! and did so much despite the rain and the strollers!

we came close to the lourve but thought it would be naive of us to believe that we can enjoy art with these cheekies in tow! we'll have to come back and spend one whole day while we're in the mood! 

blake was obsessed with fountains and bridges and muddy puddles! completely oblivious of the beautiful architecture and history that surrounded him!! ah well...

at least he had his little pal with him to appreciate the small everyday things like spotting dogs on the streets and police car that zoom by and drinking fountains that they could stop at to take a sip of water!

they were very appreciative of classical music and did a little interpretive modern choreo on the spot! very spontaneous and people didn't seem to mind, thankfully!

they took a walk on the bridge of locks and we teased them that they could return next time when they're adults!!

can't deal with them two! 

we have a friend who ended up marrying her childhood sweetheart! one of the most romantic things we've heard! i didn't want to be presumptuous and weird and start matchmaking them.. but let's just say that if blake ever finds someone as perfect as luli, i would be a very very happy mom. 

we spent a lot of time keeping them apart (even though we do not own a double stroller!) 

very few pictures of our lovely hosts! who were not judgey when we said we weren't keen to do tourist things!! 

wandered back to jardin du luxembourg after we convinced blake that he needed a snooze!! (look at my triumphant goofball grin!) because of what was waiting for us...

this amazing lucious hot chocolate! so rich and sinful only to be paired with...

some equally sinful icecream!! can't recommend that enough! if you're headed to the museum or to the gardens, make sure you make a pit stop here! the walking will work off the calories. i think. or at least thats what i told myself! hahah!!



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