Monday, May 11, 2015

*gasp* midway!!

just as we feel like we're settling into a nice routine, it almost time to start to finish up what's in the fridge and start packing up!? say what!? 

it's been fairly easy to conclude that we're having the time of our lives! many close friends of ours have told us that they can tell from the pictures we're been sharing (mostly on IG) and wanted to know if we were ever coming back! 

YES we are!! can't wait to get back to muubeans and back to our home! but in the meantime, here are some things im loving about our new city...

one - its not a city! lol its a little township. very suburban and has a different tempo in life! i love that about it. we zip around in our little car, no drama with parking and supermarkets aplenty!

two - b's school is brilliant. he's having a great time and in his words "i played, mama. just play. play in the sand. eat some strawberries and then play some more." we are so happy with the teachers and the environment they've set up for these kiddies! 

three - being away. we miss our friends and family but there is something about being away! you get to spend more time with each other, undistracted. weekends are truly our time together and i love that!

four - b's been loving his new diet. he gets a real dessert after each meal and LOVES his afternoon tea. he's gotten a little chubbier since! ah... watch out for those creamy sweet treats! 

five - europe. i love how close we are to everything and everywhere. being just a train ride away from europe makes us feel like we've the world at our door steps. ah! what we'd give to spend a bit more time and explore a few more countries on the weekends!! 

hope the rest of our little stint is just as lovely as the start!! 



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