Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Paris 2015 :: a walk-about and playgrounds

when we knew our paris dates, we knew that it would be impossible to do very much!! so we opted to enjoy paris through our friends' eyes. like true blue parisien. and have no plans (which is extremely rare). 

our instructions for our friend were.. lots of easy fun things with the kids. nothing fussy and nothing out of the way for them. then the weather report came in that it was going to rain endlessly all weekend so we packed our raingear... and nothing was going to dampen these two kiddo's spirits! 

we had lunch at bouillon chartier, a dining hall more than a century old. it was the classic french meal minus the fussiness. very old school and child-friendly! we were there on a weekend lunch and seemed like everyone and their mothers had the same idea! but the kids were little angels and unexpectedly well behaved!!

we walked into a few churches on our long stroll after lunch towards jardin du luxembourg, stopping for little playground breaks for the kids!

i love how kid-friendly paris is! we could spend a week hunting down their gorgeous playgrounds! and would all have a blast!

they had a fabulous time and because it was a little overcast with occasional sprinkles, they pretty much had most playgrounds to themselves!

and truly enjoyed each other's company! 

our little parisien chica who now speaks adorably fluent french!! we miss her very dearly! 



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