Tuesday, February 3, 2015

blakie's bff luli!

we don't often bump into friends that we love and the kids get along fabulously well!! but luli and her family are one of a kind! i worked with luli's mom in le petit society and out of necessity (for work), had to chuck them together for playdates so we could talk work.

blake and luli have the same sense of odd-ball humor. they mirror each other and are on par in physicality and temperament. you could leave them for 20 mins (which is HOURS in toddler time) in their own corner and they'll blabber away to themselves. and somehow, they motivate each other to behave better, eat heartily, be polite or pack up after themselves.

{ little heartbreaker }

so when we suggested to have luli over for a sleepover, we were confident that it was going to be easy peasy. 

and it was! there was no tears throughout. everything was more fun with two. even getting dried up after a bath and zipped into jammies was a THING! and as i lay there in the dark in between them to make sure they fall asleep, i saw blake sneakily reach out of his crib to hold luli's hands. he is usually a fast sleeper but he tossed and turned a bit and would whisper "LULI!!" in the dark to get her attention! so cheeky! 

they woke up bright and early with no fuss and no whingey "i woke up on the wrong side of my crib" toddler angst. they ran around giggling, waking everyone in the house up and sharing juice in sippy cups. it was the cutest things to start the day with!

we're definitely going to miss luli a lot when she moves home to paris!



  1. oh my! Look at that cute kiss!!

  2. beyond cute!!! hope they will always be bffs x

    1. not awkward teenagers as the parents tell the embarrassing "you guys used to play together as kids" story! :)


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