Monday, February 2, 2015

diy :: toddler blanket

blake has finally outgrown his sleep sack! we've always had him in a swaddle and graduated into a sleep sack because in our minds that's the ONLY reason why an active boy like him is pretty much the only toddler we know that is happy to sleep in his crib. 

but it was only until recently, that we realized that before he falls asleep, he unzips himself and sleeps nude. such a parenting fail!! we never check so we have no idea how long this kid has been sleeping nakies in an aircon room. oh well! 

so cue his first blankie!! :) 

finally busted out this elephant fabric that pam picked up for blake from japan!! it has been in my "so pretty i can't touch" stash for a year!! i made it into a blankie with a minky soft fleecy material! 

he's going to be so excited to sleep in it tonight! :) 



  1. ooo fleece is so cosy. <3

    1. theres this other fleece i regret not buying more! they have little bumps and are extra extra soft!!!

  2. You'll have to update us on how it goes!

    1. LOVED it! :) he was thrilled that i made something for him. im going to have to make more things for him!


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