Wednesday, February 4, 2015

blake for le petit society

hello everyone! 

i've been a busy bee at work and hardly keeping up with very much else! in a really good and re-energising my soul kinda way! 

here's all of our heart! every little detail you see, we've mulled over and thought "would we put our child in THIS?" so its so special to me! 

of course, we roped our favorite little models in... the little ones who inspired the collection! and collaborated with bloesem blogs for the photoshoot! such a dream come true! 

if you'd like to see the rest of the collection, you can find it here

funny thing about this dude! i brought him to the shoot and frankly, paid very little attention to him (as you do with your own kid) and was busy changing other kids, appeasing them, teasing a smile out of them while my own child ran wild (brought his own toys. see wooden giraffe and dog? straight from his playroom). and when i finally had a chance to breathe, i was all "oh yes! my rugrat's turn." and apparently, they'd gotten all of his shots! while he was at play, looking cheeky and climbing everywhere! some looking pretty profesh with a hip pop too!! isn't he such a funny guy? 

reminds me of what happened with his uncles. my brothers (who inherited all the looks genes) were really adorable so mum thought to put baby brother into modeling and brought him to a baby formula shoot at bishan park all scrubbed up and handsome. and cos we didn't have sitters, brother in the middle and i (all scruffy) were playing off the side of the shoot while waiting. and next thing we knew... brother in the middle right smack in the middle of all dumex collaterals! *ahem. not me* 

some things are just meant to be!! 

p.s. special thanks to daniel who helped with the shoot! even though he's itching to get behind the camera, he kept his opinions to himself and was a champion costume changer! 



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