Friday, January 30, 2015

mochitsuki festival in singapore

daniel has fond memories of pounding mochi with his family in nagoya but we always talked about it as a funny isolated experience. very random and "only in japan" kind thing (which by the way, a lot of things fall in that category!) so when blake's classmates invited him to pound mochi, we cracked up and said yes immediately!!

the entire festival was held at the japanese association building which we've passed by a few times and never knew what went on inside! apparantly, fun playgym, a library and a handful of restaurants. 

we were asked have blake dressed in his summer yukata! such an adorable sight!!

the festival itself was a bit of a mayhem but organized! the adults were assisting the kiddos to pound and counting to twenty with random "oish!" sounds. so adorable!! blake was very amused and more importantly, he wanted to know when he could eat the mochi! 

a little yakitori of cheeky boys!! soma followed by blakie and yasu. just one afternoon with them and we totally sympathize with their teachers! no idea how they contain this amount of crazy energy in a class of 12! 

we took them to the lounge to eat some ready-made mochi and have a little drink. and this was how they reacted to the dead quiet chic space.. by jumping on the couch, complete with surround sound shrieks!!!

silly muffins!! 

so grateful to have little friends like them in school and awesome parents to hang out with!! can't wait for the next little activity to take them out again! 



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