Thursday, January 29, 2015

diy :: frayed denims just like one teaspoon jeans

i've been going through a real ripped denim craze. it started with blake, outgrowing his 12/18mo jeans. frustratingly, he a bit of a skinny beanpole. the minute the pants fit around his bum without the assistance of a belt, the length would be too short. he definitely takes after daniel in that! 

anyway, i was just about to give away his skinny denims that i loved so much then u had an ah-hah! moment! why not make them frayed shorts? so i quickly got tips from my girlfriend, ros. and was hooked! 

and now i've moved onto bigger things!

have you seen one teaspoon jeans!? i love them! they're so cool and i know im already borderline too old for ripped denims so if i want to wear them, i'd better do it FAST!!

i cut mine to knee length and did a little fold, securing with needle and thread. i do like their curved fray edges but this pair of denims are too fitted for that look!

cut with a penknife

fray the edges with sandpaper. i like going up and down like brushing teeth! i feel like sideways gets all the frays bunched up. and up down gets a wispy-er look!

my favorite part is to pick at it with tweezers!!! something therapeutic about it!

it becomes like that!! remember to use a cutting block or something so you don't cut through the pockets or the back side of the denim!

this pair is lightly frayed because of how prim and proper it fits! i can't wait to get my hands on some baggy boyfriend jeans so i can fray it up a bit more! :) 



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