Tuesday, August 26, 2014

this week...

these guys made me VERY happy! :) 

im kinda late to the game but bath and bodyworks has been in singapore for two months! i finally popped myself into their takashimaya store yesterday and picked out a few cute little things for myself!! everything about the store is so familiar and the scents just brought back lovely memories!! 

hope they're here to stay forever!!! globalization woohoo!!
(and hello! can jcrew already have a store in singapore?)



  1. They have it at Taka?! I just lugged some back for some people in Singapore. How are the prices?
    Looks like less and less unique things to bring home as gifts next time.

    1. And Marina Bay Sands! :) Pretty comparable! Although they seem to have more seasonal promotions! But for the effort of lugging things home... not bad!

      P.s. the Bacon choc is a good one! ;)


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