Wednesday, August 27, 2014

top question :: how's work?!

one of the top questions i get from readers and friends these days is... "how is work?". i don't know why! :) maybe because i was such a adamant supporter of being here for blake (sit me down, and i will tell you 10 reasons why i missed work but at the same time, why its worth the sacrifice. im a walking ball of contradiction!) and then suddenly i went back to work. like suddenly! :) 

or maybe because i still look like i'm still partying a bit too hard with booboo! and makes everyone wonder... when is she working!?!

well, work's been great. i just settling in to my new routine. daniel and my parents pulls extra shifts when i have odd meetings here and there. i do rush around a bit more and have neglected my facials, massages and nail appointments. but i feel a lot more balanced and purposeful. and when boo is back from school, i am all his. i put aside my work, plan little adventures to fill his afternoon and keep up with the playdates we used to go to. i've had to weed out a few less important social obligations but i don't blame that on work. just how life is sometimes! 

and blake's been enjoying the perks of work, an occasional peppa pig video (5 mins of peace to send out a quick email), fun crafts, samples to try on and a tonne of shopping i've done in the name of "RESEARCH"! lol 

so it's been good. i wished i had more time but i also recognize that my primary role is to be there for my boys, the big, the little and the needy. so work's been great, can't ask for more in life! 



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