Wednesday, August 20, 2014

loves :: thief & bandit

i blame it on work but i've been so inspired by the world of children clothes! it's some sort of a reversal, i reckon! i always thought we'd draw inspiration from our clothes and dress blake (daniel's rule of the thumb is :: i won't put blake in anything i won't wear. which kinda explains why this happens a lot. and this. and this!!). 

BUT recently, i've been spotting a lot of little kiddos' clothes that im all "do they have adult sizes!?" and if not, "can i SQUEEEEEZE into size 14?" very very mature of me! :) 

i mean how cool is this skater dude from bandit and thief? 

and this is the mama/adult version!! 

and this adorable maxi dress that i'd totally buy for myself comes in kid harem pants and shorts!! 
oh dear, its like they read my mind! 

{all images and clothes from thief and bandit}



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