Monday, August 4, 2014

i love this picture...

this is an outtake from a photoshoot i put together for work. but i LOVE so many things in this picture! 

i love that blake has the same strawberry browny hair as mum. i love that they are very game to wear matchy outfits to church (and individually are so proud of it!). i love that im raising a child that is close to his grandparents, whose eyes light up when he spots them! and when disciplined at home, will miserably request to go to his grandparent's home (because that's his safe place. darling, its mama's safe place too. forever.)

so while this didn't make the cut because it didn't quite show off the shapes and prints as well as i would have liked, it makes the cut for me. because that blissful and smug smile on their faces.. is what i live for. :) 

love you both, silly goosies!



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