Tuesday, August 5, 2014

diy :: cardboard box house for doggie

it has been a long time since i've made something for muumuu! actually, its been ages since i've made anything!!

just the other day, while daniel was diligently setting up the house, i decided to make a little house for muu!! i love it when a spark of inspiration strikes spontaneously like that! HAVE TO MAKE SOMETHING NOW! :)

as compared to 10 mins, this took me a good half an hour because blake wanted to be part of everything. he took his crayons out to color, dug his toes into my perfect piece of cardboard.. yknow? the usual toddler nonsense? anyway we got there!

assembly time!! 

we tried clear tape.. did not work! so we had to resort to duct tape!!

tadah! :) this is after a week of bashing!! muu LOVES it. and i found his snuggled in his house (in the living room) in the dark at night while we were all in the bedroom! and blake wants one in his room now.. we're in the midst of figuring out how to make one for him! 

maybe its time to add some doodles or faux planters in his house! :) 

p.s. i would have chosen to work with thicker cardboard! especially had i known blake would end up CLIMBING onto it! 

p.p.s. it can NOT take the weight of a toddler. don't try. 


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  1. Love Muu's house! I do think it needs a little sketched decor though. Just not a fire hydrant right?


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