Thursday, May 29, 2014

sticker mania!!!

blake's going through the sticker phase. it sounds like every toddler goes through the same thing and its our damn turn now. he is obsessed with stickers. loves picking at them. loves sticking them EVERYWHERE. (body parts preferably, thank you.), removing them, and transferring it to the least likely place on earth. 

his first sticker book of cars and trucks followed us everywhere. and because they were re-stickable ones, he had a great time moving the entire story to dining tables, my thigh, musashi... basically any surface he can get his grubby hands on!! he loved it!!

then we received this set of chinese sticker books!!


they are great! and fabulous for blakie to show off his new found vocabulary he pick up in school! we'll be sure to save one of these books for long car rides and flights! 

thanks for the thoughtful gift, auntie ruth! 


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  1. Its the stickers time. Thoughtful gift from Auntie Ruth.


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