Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the littlest :: nineteen months

i've not done this in months! i think the last one i did was when he turned one! and so much has changed since (not his weight tho!)! he is so much more fun now and such an easy kid. we count our lucky stars everyday... usually after he turns in though! :) 

{ blake, nineteen months }

one - physically, he is a tiny one. he is 75 % in height and 50 % on the american charts. but given that both of us aren't super big-boned, i guess can't expect a durian to fall from an apple tree as my friend says! ;)

two - what he lacks in weight, he makes up in energy. he is one crazy energizer bunny when he's awake. he plays from the minute he is awake till the minute he konks out. he is very fast on his feet, and agile. he has pretty strong grip and unfortunately has learnt the art of unscrewing bottles, climbing furniture and unpicking his child safety locks.

three - his speech has exploded through the roof. he's one chatty little fella. he doesn't have a full vocabulary but with the limited words he has, he can articulate what he wants very clearly. he can also understand both mandarin and english so we don't have a secret language anymore. 

four - his sensitivity. this he picked up from his father because i am rather thick-skinned. he is quick to pick up on tones and body language. if he THINKS that you're upset at him, he will go on the front foot and start crying. he doesn't take criticism quite so well or as my mum says... 吃软不吃硬。 (loosely translated :: likes softer approach). he is also very emotional when reading story books and gets upset at very random things. like for example when the cat eats the rat. -_- 

five - is mr bossypants. he likes telling people what to do! in the bus, he will say "uncle! hello!!! uncle sit down, honey." occasionally amusing, but after the 10th time, i need a mute button. 

six - he is starting to show streaks of independence. he wants to feed himself, instructs the order of his bedtime routine, choose his footwear. sometimes cute sometimes frustrating. (ie cute outfit and freakin' red boots!!!)

seven - has everyone wrapped around his little finger. he knows his way with people and is surprisingly charming when he wants to be. he knows who will give him iphone access and who has a lolly jar in their car. 

eight - eight teeth only. still ripping through his food and is obsessed with coconut, papaya and yogurt. and COOKIES!! oh well..

nine - brought him for his first theatre show. he was surprisingly entertained and happy to participate when ask (and when not asked..) he had such a great time i think i'd be bringing him to more of these activities in future! yayy!

ten - loves sticker books, bubbles, trains, truck, bus, spiders, lizard, ants and puppy dog tails.. all that lovely stuff little boys are made of. 

oh i could talk about the fun we have all day!!
love you blakie!! do more of what makes you awesome, kiddo! 



  1. Sucha cutie (i know i have said it nth times)
    I especially love no.4.


    1. lol! :) me too! i have a soft spot for sensitive men! :)


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