Friday, May 30, 2014

bali dreaming ...

you know that you have had the most lovely vacation when you come back and realized that you have done absolutely nothing at all and yet had the best time ever! 

bali is starting to become our go to vacation spot. with an easy two hour flight away from singapore, their stunning beaches and serene padi fields, delicious cuisine and amazing villas is hard to turn down.    we are not very adventurous travelers we had a few places we wanted to check out and for the rest of the time, we chilled out by our pool!

and this little guy was on tip top behavior. he was basking in the undivided attention from his grandparents, uncles and aunties and we didn't hear him whinge all weekend! i don't care how uppity some people get about traveling with extended family but we loved having them around!! 

there's just something special in the air in bali! i can't believe it took my 30 years to get to bali and now that i've been there, im hooked! i will do bali again in a heartbeat! 



  1. Wow, that sound like what I need at the moment!

  2. dont we all! i feel like i need another vacay now! 8_8

  3. you and me both bebs!


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