Wednesday, May 21, 2014

how to be the best worst wife / mom ever...

everyone knows here that im really not the best candidate for suzy homemaker, right?

good good... then we're on the same page. 
my current job as a stay home mom/wife is entire a stroke of fate!! cos growing up, i was never one of those girls pining to be a mommy. i detest housework. i went to school to learn how to make a bed, cook and iron shirts but hate all of the above. and poor daniel still married me! 

i always had a girlfriend i thought of as the perfect wife. she is gorgeous, cooked amazingly, kept a spanking clean house, threw parties (and actually made food for parties...), ironed, woke up early to make brekkie everyday, worked... you get the gist. dream wife material. meanwhile, i lazed in bed till noon, got hungry, got lazy, went to work hungry and come home to a hot dinner cooked by daniel! score!!! and the one time i ironed a shirt for daniel, he was so grateful we almost threw a party to celebrate! 

not much has changed... im still lacking in many ways but just last week, i made dinner!! *ding ding ding jackpot!!* it was really nothing to scream off the mountain top but it was so rare that daniel came home early from work!!! :) :) :) 

tadah! chilli & corn bread !!!

and this little guy woke up and found me in the kitchen. and in complete disbelief and huge round eyes.. asked me "mommy. COOKING!???". gee thanks child! and then ate a huge chunk of corn bread for tea with gusto!

so ladies.. its all about setting expectations straight, isn't it?! :) 
if they ever come home one day to a super neat home, home-made dinner AND ironed shirts, i'm going to get an oscar award or something!! 



  1. You have done a great job as SAHM. You should be proud of yourself. :)

    1. aww thanks! we're our worst critic, aren't we?!

  2. That meal looks amazing!!!!

  3. my comments don't show up!!!! :*( i said you need to stop selling yourself short, you're a great wife/mum!

    1. they do babe!!! whats happening!?!

      thanks for the vote of confidence.. if nothing else, i try super duper hard!


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