Tuesday, May 20, 2014

exploring fresh summer 2014 collection ...

one of the most surprising thing about motherhood is the inordinate amount of time you spend at home. even though blake is an outdoorsy kid, a huge chunk of my day is still spent pottering around at home. and after he goes to bed (which is quite early), we are usually too exhausted to run out and paint the town red! 

so when fresh sent a lovely box of surprises for mother's day, i was super excited and couldn't wait for bubba to go to bed to tear it apart! and boy was it worth waiting for! 

a delicious selection of fresh products to dig into!! 

i was treated to a fabulous spa night in bundled in the comforts of my own bathroom! i particularly enjoyed the fresh rose face mask. i must say though that im not a huge fan of rose to start with. something about the scent reminds me of mumsiness and NOT in a good way... so i've always avoided anything rose. but this mask is deliciously light and refreshing. and even though it is infused with rose petals, the scent grew on me. and it washed off like a charm leaving none of that matronly mumsy scent i hate.

 this sugar lip polish is now a staple in my beauty routine!! it worked fabulously well with their sugar advanced therapy lip treatment... such a classic!

and my favorite of them all is this little portable vial of their summer 2014 perfume, fresh life. its a perfect size for my clutch and whoever invented the rollerball is pure genius!! if you see it in stores, take a whiff and tell me what you think! 

thanks to fresh for sending me the love package and for spoiling me silly!! 
i have a little bit of you everywhere i go!! 



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