Thursday, May 22, 2014

"H" is for Hats!!!

bubba's school is "learning" the alphabet "H". he came home the other day with a list of words and songs they're learning and another list in mandarin. i guess we're meant to help him out at home or something but it sounds cheekily like homework to me. so we're pinned it on the fridge and called it a day! 

AND in less cool news, we also missed out a memo about hat's day! apparently its a thing and most people come in funny hats like construction hardhats, mexican hats and such... thankfully we had none of that lying around at home. so we decided to send him to school with a swim hat! lol 


the more i thought about it, the worse i felt. how could i send blake to school on his first hat's day looking like a condom. *sigh*. so i whisked out my felt supplies at 1030pm (ie. my bedtime) and started working on a hat for him. 

boo!! a creepy crawly spider!!!

p.s. confession. i had to check with daniel how many legs a spider has. wow. obviously did not pay attention in science classes...

little spidey boys!!!

and at drop-off, blake dropped his bag and immediately fished out his hat box, excitedly telling his friends "HAT!! SPIDER!!! PUT ON BLAKIE!!!". and his teacher took him to show off his hat to the other classes. that kid is one show pony, i tell ya! 

(wonder where he got that from...)



  1. hawhaw...look like a condom... :D

    The pipe cleaners really did the trick! Good suggestion from your friend. And Muu had one too! :)

    1. gotta say it the way it is! heh!

      muu's one didn't have pipe cleaners!

  2. <3 you've got such a lovely bunch of boys there :)

    1. i do! they're hilarious to make crafts for... not quite the girlie girl gang i wanted but as good as they get eh!

  3. LOVE the spidey hat you did! He looks so cute in it!

    1. sometimes i feel like homework is for us parents instead of them! :) haha... i have to making a bird something or a tree something soon! gah!


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