Friday, May 2, 2014

a sweet little surprise ...

my darling friend from magpie mags just sent me the loveliest care package. receiving package delivered right to your doorstep has to be one of the nicest feeling!! 

in this lovely wicker basket (which fits our home to the t), there was a huge jar of sea salt chocolate cookies perfect with a cup of coffee (love you kith!), "loop" magazine for kiddo, "white" magazine for me and a beautiful bunch of flowers from triceratops

everything. and i mean EVERYTHING is so me!! super duper love!!

and she told me the cutest story!! she'd shown the florist pictures of me from my facebook page and the florist, ching, diagnosed me a peony girl. isn't that the prettiest thing to say?? and i do have a soft spot for peonies.. especially generously bloomed ones like these!!

it was such a beautiful and thoughtful gift that came at the exact right moment!! so if you're still undecided on mothers' day gifts (or.. if you have forgotten, *psst* may 11!!) maybe your mom or a special friend who's a mom might enjoy a treat like this

enjoy your weekend!! 


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  1. What a gorgeous arrangement! Seriously, just beautiful. So wonderful to have awesome and thoughtful friends, good for you!! :)


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