Sunday, April 20, 2014

happy monday finds!!

 i've been scouring the internet for home inspiration! diligently pinterest-ing cute images for our future home. yknow? pinterest makes me feel like a kid again! a whole world of possibilities and inspiration!!

i chanced upon this awesome home concept online store, nordicthink and have fallen in love!!

im obsessed with exposed lighting! its all the rage these days and i've seen them in almost every design magazine! but i really like it!!!

these shelves!!

chic wire baskets for pinecones and firewood because 1. we really need a good roaring fire in singapore and 2. blake won't empty out the contents and wear it on his head. :) 

these little guys.. i might have to get. it'll be perfect holding bubba's knick-knacks!

he's recently started collecting little bit and bobs from his walks, some days a leaf, a pebble, a ticket stub and a weird bunch of flower. its very cute and it'll be nice to be able to display his collection somewhere!

hope you have a lovely week ahead! 



  1. LOVE!! I have that string shelf, hun! so holler if you need the info! xx

    PS: can't wait for u to get your new place!


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