Wednesday, April 9, 2014

little boo's toy of the day...

for someone so little, blakie has oodles of personality. 

it makes it hard to be ourselves at home these days. and by ourselves, i mean the iphone glued to my hip, potty-mouth and occasionally tantrum-y me. and the chips, beer and coke combination daniel! and lazing in bed all day with muu watching videos on the ipad!? no-no-no! all these perks of being adults all down the drain!! 

just the other day, i was getting blake ready to go out for a playdate. he was in the middle of setting up a puzzle and usually i would never touch him while he is focused on an activity BUT we were horrendously tardy! so i bribed him and told him he could pick a toy and take it with us. then i fussed around getting dressed and packing out "go"-bag! 

"mama", i felt someone tugging at my shorts..

and THIS was his choice of toy!!

i just about DIED laughing.

p.s. we lied and ended up bringing his train set instead. the pool noodle really didn't complement his outfit, y'know what i mean?



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