Wednesday, February 12, 2014

in bali :: sardine

we kinda didn't expect to be so well fed in bali. i definitely packed on a few pounds while i was there, lounging, eating, napping, eating more.. you get the gist! the last beach vacation we went to had us sneaking out at night for maccas! but this time, all thanks to our very trendy friends we travelled with, we had the most AMAZING itinerary planned out, surrounding food!

ok this is when i should step in and confess that im no foodie. and the thought of going to a nice restaurant to eat with a squirmy (and potentially noisy) toddler makes me shudder. i would choose grilled cheese and sandwich over that situation anyday! so we were quiet apprehensive about going to so many nice places with blakie in tow!

but then we'd miss out on THIS! our very own private rice paddy field at Sardine!!

when making reservations, we were advised to catch sunset here which was estimated around 630pm. so we rocked up nice and early at 6pm! the timing was perfect for a pre-dinner walk around the rice fields. and somewhere at the back of my head, i remember them saying they didn't offer baby chairs. but forgot! gahhhh!! should've brought our own portable babychair! silliness!!

oh well! and blake is at a stage where he needs not only a baby chair. but one with functional working straps to keep him in the seat! so we bribed, fed him lots, took tonnes of walks, gave him a straw to play with! :) and survived the meal! yippee!! :) 

a little family picture under the hut! such a cute spot to chill and have a drink!!

the staff very kindly offered us a cone of fish food to feed their fatty kois (and one particularly hungry kid) around the restaurant. and they weren't too fuss when blake wandered around their drinks-only verandah! and the food was delish as promised. i would have much preferred a more leisurely meal with blake strapped into a baby chair but can totally understand why they don't offer it! kids really do ruin a beautiful restaurant with their mess and noise! 

very affordable and great quality food and no complains with the service provided! i really appreciated a walk around the paddy fields! although its probably not the real deal but quite a rare sight these days! 

p.s. reservation recommended!



  1. Nice paddy field! Indeed a nice hut to chill out.

    1. i think you can order a drink and sit there for the entire evening! shame we had a death grip on blake cos i totally can see him falling into the fields!! *gasp*

  2. cute cute cute!! what a beautiful place :) what part of bali did you stay?

    1. seminyak! :) wanna go together next time!? we can meet there!!!


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